Training Topics

Sexton Family History: 60 minutes
This is a case history of the sexual abuse and murder perpetrated by Eddie Lee Sexton on his own family. It looks at the dynamics of familial victimization, and what intervention techniques might be effective.

Keys to a Successful Rape Investigation and Prosecution: 60 minutes
This section reviews proven sexual violence investigative techniques within several actual case studies. The attendees will learn how law enforcement officers approach an investigation and what skills are necessary to bring it to a successful conclusion. They will be shown how to prepare successful evidence based prosecutions.

Child Sexual Abuse: 120 minutes
This training starts with a video case history of family sexual abuse. A now 35 year old woman was sexually abused by her father when she was a child. Her 10 year old son is now performing sex acts on other children and it is feared that her father (the child’s grandfather) has been sexually abusing him. At its conclusion there will be a discussion of the video. The power point presentation looks at the different types of child sexual abuse and possible interventions. We will discuss typologies of abusers, and statutory criminal violations. Several cases that the presenter personally investigated will be reviewed.

Domestic Violence is a Community Problem: 60 minutes
A four year old boy is shot to death by his mother’s boyfriend. Before the investigation is over three law enforcement officers will be dead. A pregnant woman is taken hostage before the suspect commits suicide. This is a story of how domestic violence can touch the lives of so many in the community.

Understanding Victim and Abuser Behavior: 90 minutes
This presentation starts with an analysis of the dynamics of domestic violence within the context of power and control. Attendees will learn the different methods that abusers us to control their victims. We will discuss the effects of control and violence on victims. The attendees will learn reasons why victims don’t leave.

Effective Intervention is the Key: 60 minutes
This segment looks at various proven intervention techniques to provide victims with safety and hold batterers accountable. We will consider the criminal justice approach, victim advocate approach and the victim services approach. We will look at how bureaucracies present obstacles to protecting victims and how to overcome them. We will discuss prevention strategies, safety plans and threat assessments.

Recognizing Strangulation as a Crime: 60 minutes
This segment explains the statutory definition of strangulation. Attendees will learn the various forms of strangulation. We will explain the serious consequences that can occur from being strangled.

What is This Doing to The Kids? 60 minutes
This segment investigates the effect of domestic violence on children. Attendees will learn how to do effective intervention and why it is important. They will hear a 911 tape of a six year old girl and see how family violence affects kids even if they are not victims of child abuse.

Elder Abuse: 60 minutes
This section covers the different types of abuse of the elderly and their causes. We will look at how prevalent this crime is and how we can do effective intervention. We will look at statutory elements of the crime.

Cyber Stalking: 45 minutes
This segment looks at the various forms of technology use to monitor and harass victims. We will explore effective ways that victims can combat abusers use of technology. We will discuss emerging laws to assist law enforcement.

Is Victimless Prosecution Still Possible? 60 minutes
This segment analyzes the court case of Crawford v Washington that reaffirms a suspects 6th Amendment right to confront their accuser. We will look at ways that we can still prosecute D V cases without the victim’s active participation. Evidence based prosecution may still be possible.

Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships: 30 mins
This segment asks are the relationship dynamics different in GLBT couples than in straight? What might be some others stressors in the relationship that could cause additional problems? What different approaches might be taken to combat D V in these relationships?

Do Orders for Protection Protect? 60 mins
“Protection orders don’t make you bullet proof.” This segment deals with the effectiveness of D V protection orders. What are they meant to do? Who are they meant to protect? How do they work? Are they worth the risk?

Alternative Theories of D V. 60 mins
The theory of power and control is the dominant theory of D V. However it is not the only theory. In this segment we look at other theories that may explain why violence occurs in intimate relationships. Is Stockholm Syndrome a factor in relationship violence? Do we really accept a blend of theories?

Training Topics

  • Rape Awareness and Sensitivity for Men
  • Incest Case Study “House of Secrets”
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
  • "How the System Failed a Little Girl." The Jaycee Dugard Case Review
  • The Nexus Between DV and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • The Effects of Childhood Trauma in Later Years
  • The Psychology of Abuse. “Why Does He Do It?”
  • When DV Becomes Workplace Violence
  • Family Related Homicide/Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Model Policy for Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence
  • Ways to Reduce DV in Law Enforcement and Military Families
  • Case History Crystal Judson Braeme
  • Human Sexual Trafficking
  • Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Do Batterers' Intervention Programs Work?
  • Developing Coordinated Community Programs to Combat DV
  • Bystander Intervention in DV “How You Can Help”